About us

Mulberry Property Investment Management (‘MPIM’) sources, assesses and manages commercial real estate in South East England for a select number of entrepreneurial property funds and high net worth private investors.

We specialise in higher yielding, income producing industrial, office and mixed use opportunities where active management has the potential to add value. We believe that as experts in our chosen geographical market that we are best placed to realise high performing opportunities. Our projects are supported from inception to disposal by a carefully selected team of specialist advisers in our network providing fundamental local views and intelligence.

MPIM is headed by Andrew Coe who has 20 years of experience in commercial real estate and Asset management based both in London and in the provincial markets of the South East. Andrew has managed multi-million pound commercial portfolios in South East England and created a number of highly successful & profitable ventures with active property funds and fund managers.

Photo: Jim Lowe F.B.I.P.P., F.R.P.S., Q.E.P.
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